Saturday, February 16, 2013


I am in deep love with China. It is the place think of every day. When I think far away, I think China. It is the  only foreign country I have been to. My family knew my greatest desire was to go to China this summer. However, it wasn't working, which frustrated me. Show Hope deadlines were over, and at inconvenient times. They were the organization I wanted to go with. So I was really upset as I came to realize that was not going to be a possibility.  

Thursday I was redirected. A missions trip to Haiti. 
What? God I don't even know where Haiti is.
It was not what I wanted. It was not my China. My immediate thought was no.
I dug my heels in. I wanted China, and only China. 
But God took a shovel and removed the dirt. Suddenly I changed.
What's wrong with Haiti? Orphans are orphans, not matter where they are from.
My frustration turned to excitement and joy. I wanted to go so incredibly much. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was everything on my mind. I couldn't sleep.

I couldn't get my mind off these precious faces.
If I go...
I'd be there for one week.
I would be helping with a VBS at a local Orphanage.
Spending time with the least of these.

You know how it works. After the happy moments, dark clouds overshadows my hopes.
What could you possibly do in Haiti?
You have no funds to take a trip like that.
Haiti will be nothing like China.
You're not strong enough for anything like this.

I have no answers. I have no idea what I could do in Haiti. I have absolutely no money. I am probably not strong enough. But I am nothing by myself. It's God.

But when I fix my mind on all that you are
Then every doubt I feel deep in my heart
Grows strangely dim
All my worries fade and fall to the ground 
Cause' when I seek your face and don't look around
Any place I'm in grows strangely dim.
~Strangely Dim~ 
Francesca Battistelli 

For now I am waiting, until I hear differently. But for now it is a clear, "Go."

Isaiah 6:8- Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

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Ruthie said...

Emma! I'm so happy you've found the place where the Lord wants you! I hope everything works out!

Rob said...

I always thought i'd end up in Africa. Dreamed for years of going to Uganda or Kenya. Almost went to Ghana on a school trip but it didn't work out... and then God brought me to China! Couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else now!

He works in mysterious ways!!

Anonymous said...

Emma, kudos to you on listening to the Lord and accepting His will in your life. Sometimes we don't understand what He is up to, but ultimately, His plan is perfect because He is sovereign!
This summer, I went to Haiti on a missions trip through a private Christian school. I was blessed beyond anything I ever expected!! God used that trip to reveal to me so many things about Him, myself, and others. It was truly amazing!
I would encourage you to go forth and step beyond your comfort zone! It's not going to be easy, but it will be sooo worth it!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Emma, that's great! I know you how you feel....I'm the same way and I'm sure I'd do the same thing. I love China. It's just the place I really have a heart for. But it's so great that you're listening to the Lord and His will in this! :)

God bless,
Joy :)