Monday, May 19, 2014

Help Support My Mission Trip!!!

Well, I have been long debating whether or not sell this stuff on here, and now I am!
I am sure you have heard me talk about missions and money, well now you can help me!

I am not one to try and get money from my blog. (I think you guys know that!) So this is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm doing it anyway.

If you're a Pinterest person, like I am, I'm sure you have seen these Bible verse canvas'. And i'm sure, if you've looked into it, they aren't cheap when they are sold on Etsy. So I made my own to sell and I think you may find the prices a little more agreeable! 

**Please remember shipping IS included in the price. I also have figured in supplies and time** 
5x7 Song of Solomon Sunflower Canvas: $18

10x10 1 Corinthians Love Canvas (Blue): $23 (2 in Stock)

 10x10 1 Corinthians Love Canvas (Green): $23

5x7 Psalm Sing Canvas: $15 

10x10 Hebrews Anchor Canvas: $20

To Buy:
Email with the canvas style you would like. Please include your full name and address. (Depending on where you live [not in the US], I may need to add to the price for shipping) The canvas' will sell on a first come first serve basis. If the canvas you wanted was sold, I may be able to paint you another!

I need to raise about $300-$400 more dollars, if I sell all of these canvas' I can make a little over $100. 
If you are not interested in a canvas but would still like to donate, please email me at the address above!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Support Show Hope [CLOSED]

*** This Fundraiser is now closed, however you may donate to Show Hope at any time by going to this page. ***

If you are not already aware, the mission trip I am going on this summer is with the organization Show Hope. I recommend watching this video. It speaks a bit on orphans, Show Hope, and Maria's Big House of Hope.

 This week (until Sunday) and organization called Sevenly is supporting Show Hope. They are selling t-shirts with some awesome messages and designs. They are trying to raise $21,000.

I would recommend you check out their website and t-shirts. $7 of every purchase is given to Show Hope. (Since their name is Sevenly) 

Even if you decide not to buy a shirt, please pray for Show Hope and their mission. Through them, many children are finally given a family. Show Hope gave our family a financial grant to help bring Luke home, which ended up helping bring Joshua home. 

God sets the lonely in families... Psalm 68:6 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Growing Up- Joshua

A couple of weeks ago I took Joshua to the park while Lily was at physical therapy. 
I was able to get him to cooperate with me and take pictures and then go play.
Although he is super happy kid, whenever I try to take picture he give me very odd painful looking smiles. Thankfully a few pictures turned out nicely!

It still amazes me how big he has grown. It seems like just yesterday we were given this little scared boy in China! Now he is happy and laughs all the time.

To add to that, he is truly the sweetest boy. I've never met a kid as sensitive as he is. Don't get me wrong, he is all boy and has his rebellious moments, but at the end of the day he'll just cuddle next to you as you read a book.  

I am also amazed by how far he has come physically. When we first got him he was mobile and walking, but since the casts and now braces, he is a new kid. He not only walks so much better- but he runs, and he bikes, and he scooters! Yes, his favorite outdoor activity is riding his scooter. (And he is a pro at it!)