Thursday, May 31, 2012

If There Wasn't Enough CRAZY Stuff!

Sorry I haven't posted since "The Big News".
On Tuesday I found out I had strep, and yesterday I felt like poop.
So I haven't posted.
And let me tell ya! There's alot to post about.
First is this shirt..

"My Dad Is The Man!"
Yep, Luke had it.
And guess what Mom found at a used sale???

Ya. It's a little werid...
just a bit!

It's 3T so Josh will def. be wearing it in China!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jehovah Saves

After Luke's death, I felt as if I had been shoved into a dark closet. Isolated, angry, and bitter. On the outside I had it all together, but on the inside I was shattered into a million pieces. Nothing made me feel better, and I didn't want to think about Luke or anything that had to do with him. Especially adoption and SN orphans. A week or two after his death, I saw an email that said we could pick up another adoption where we stopped. I was so angry with the agency. Another adoption? No child will ever fill Luke's spot.

I was afraid, I didn't want to experience that horrible heartbreak ever again. 
For those of you who follow Stefanie's blog, remember when she posted about gus? Well I really didn't think about him at all. However she posted about him again. This time with a link to watch videos. I watched the video and look at the other children. Then I saw Jake. (Password jake1) All my fears went away and I fell in love. I watched the video over and over again. However, I moved on. The next week he kept coming back to mind and I had several dreams of him being with our family. Finally I had to show someone this precious boy. So I did, but my Mom was not enthusiastic about him, at all. So I thought that was the end, just another kid who must stay orphaned. He still didn't go away, and it turned out my Mom did try to see if he was available for adoption. He was, but with another agency, and there were at least four other families waiting to view his file. There was no chance, someone was going to adopt him. That evening at church, the message: God's delay's are NOT his denials. Coincidence? I think not.
The week passed and every time I thought of someone else adopting him I felt sick. Then one Sunday Mom and Dad said they had Jake's file. My thought, Then why aren't we telling the agency we'll take him? They wanted to talk to doctors about his SN and pray. Jake's special need is Arthrogryposis. The next Sunday as my Dad and I are driving home Dad told me that they had accepted Jake's file. I was overjoyed, and not sure how to react. Before I saw Jake I was so afraid of adoption with SN. But my fears were no where when Jake was around.

While my Dad and I were driving home, my Mom called. They just moved Jake into the "Shunyi Foster Home."
He had taken Luke's spot in the foster home.

Crazy, right? Right after we accepted his file, he was transferred to Luke's foster home.
Needless to say everyone was mind-boggled for the next few days.
Luke was a super-special boy, and I think he wanted us to have Jake, he wants us to help other distressed and alone orphans.

So without further a due, I introduce to you..

My new little brother!

The Mystery of Kolbe Mansion: Part II

If you missed Part I you can read it here.

Part II: Uncle Bill's House

         "It all started five years ago. The Kolbe House used to be so beautiful and parties were held there. William and his wife were very wealthy and had many servants. William had married only two years before to the prettiest girl you ever saw. She had long black hair and eyes so blue it was like looking at the sea, she was small but strong and loved parties and people. William loved Anne very much, Anne was her name. As I said, they had many servants, one was my niece, Grace. Well one night after after a grand party Anne disappeared."
        "She was kidnapped?" I asked intrigued by the story.
        "Nobody knows. They say she was murdered by a secret admirer who couldn't stand to see her married to William. Of course there is no proof. But it isn't so much that, it's what happened afterwards.William was furious when Anne was found missing and went into a rage. Grace said he never returned to their room. It was never entered into again. 
       "So.. who cares if no one went back into the room." I said,
       "Well I ain't finished, keep listening. Grace needed to get a certain garment out of William and Anne's room. When she entered-"
       "Mr. Kennedy may I ask where you got such a tall tale?" A voice interpreted. The old man turned around,
       "Oh... uh... Mr. Kolbe.... I was... just helping pass the time."
       "Passing time while killing my good name, now I know where all the rumors came from."
       "Oh Mr. Kolbe-"
       "Are you my nephew?" He asked me,
       "If your Uncle Bill, then I am." I told him. He looked at me then turned to Annie.
       "Well I see my brother has very fine looking children, come follow me."
       He led Annie and I to a very expensive looking automobile. A man helped Annie and I into the back of the car, then took our trunk and put it in the rear. Uncle Bill sat in the front while Annie and I sat in the back. The man who helped us into the car, sat at the wheel and began to drive. I sat still and quiet and Annie did the same. We had never rode in an automobile, back home we walked everywhere. 
       Uncle Bill turned around and said,
       "I'm sorry I was late I had a few last things to prepare at home for the two of you."
       "That's okay, we enjoyed looking at the scenery." Uncle Bill smiled,
       "Yes, beautiful country isn't it? Well I don't even know your names!"
       "Oh, I'm Owen," I told him.
       "Owen is a fine name, and what about you little lady?" Annie slid close to me, and Uncle Bill smiled,
       "She's shy, her name is Annie." Uncle Bill's smiled wiped away, he turned around and said nothing more the whole way home. I wondered if it had anything to do with Uncle Bill's wife Anne.

       We arrived at the house within a few minutes and the old man was right, it was indeed a mansion. The house was well taken care of, and it was obvious there were a number of people working for Uncle Bill. The man who drove us opened the car door and we hopped out. Uncle Bill led us into the house and we stood in the front foyer. The floor was so shiny and clean I could see my reflection, to my left was an office; it had a desk with many filing cabinets. To the right was a parlor with red velvet carpet and glass end tables. Directly in front was a hallway and staircase. Uncle Bill led us up the stairs and pointed to a door.
        "You may sleep together in this room." He opened the door and we stood there waiting. "You may go anywhere in the house you like, except that room," he pointed to the room at the very end of the hall.
        "Why can't we go in there?" Annie asked.
        "Because," said Uncle Bill harshly, "It's private."

*Please forgive any typos/misspellings*

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Beach- Sunday Snapshot

I know I promised to post the band concert photo's... and I will. At some point, or another!
However, I wanted you guys to see the rest of the beach pictures.

I must say, it was a perfect day! High 80's with a slight breeze. It felt wonderful!

Lily ADORED the sand! She was so engrossed in the sand she hardly talked.. at all! Which is huge because she is constantly talking! 

It was the most quiet she's been in months!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip to the beach!

Ni Hao Yall

As you can see, there have been some changes to my blog. And there is upcoming exciting news! 
Part 2 of THE MYSTERY OF KOLBE MANSION will be posted Monday!
I see much posting the next week!

Happy Memorial Day Week-end!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yes, It is over!
The Spring semester ended last night at 10:10pm.

More pictures to come.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mystery of Kolbe Mansion: Part I


Part I: At The Station

           The air blew hard that October day when Annie and I stood on the platform of the Mayfield Train Station. We were traveling to see our Uncle Bill, and the train had dropped us off in what seemed to be the middle if nowhere. The train station was lonely and no one stood outside, they all sat in the waiting room for the next train. Annie and I were told to wait outside so Uncle Bill didn't have to come looking for us. It was fall and the air had chilled earlier this year, the leaves had turned their beautiful apple red, golden yellow, and fiery orange. The station was old and not well taken care of, there was only one man who worked here, he sold tickets and made sure the trains came in on-time. The train station had a small building attached to a long platform made of wooden beams running vertically. The platform dropped off where the railroad tracks stood. I shivered as a strong gust of wind whipped my body blowing my hair and the white tag that was tied to my lightweight jacket. Annie and I had tickets tied to us when we left the station in Holly Brooke. The woman who tied the ticket said it was in case we got lost.
      "Oh i'm cold can't we go inside Owen?" Annie cried as the wind blew fiercely again.
      "We can't Uncle Bill might come, and if we're not here he might think we didn't come at all."
      "Well it's so cold he'll check inside for us."
      "Well he might, but we might as well stay out here where he can't miss us." 

      I noticed a bench near the end of the platform, and brought Annie over and we sat down. Annie and I sat and waited. Time passed and another train came. People rushed out of the small building and climbed onto the train. The man who ran the station came out and looked at the train. As he turned around her saw Annie and me.
     "Weren't you two young-ins dropped off at the last train?"
     "Yes Sir," I told him.
     "Don't you need to get on the train?"
     "Nope, Mrs, Carter told us to stay off the train in Mayfield and wait outside.  

     The man was old, he had a white mustache and was mostly bald. He wore a black suit and often took out a gold watch the hung from a train.   
     "Well you've been here for quite awhile, who are you waiting for?
     "Uncle Bill," I told him. His eyebrows went up and his mustache wiggled.
     "Uncle Bill," he echoed and thought for a second. "Oh, you must mean William Kolbe." 
     "We're not waiting for William Kobe, we're waiting for Uncle Billy!" Annie corrected.
     "Annie! Hush!" I said, "Sorry sir, she's only six and doesn't know any better, William Kolbe is our Uncle. 
     "Well i'll be darn! I didn't know he had any family. But you wouldn't know so much if he had a dog, he never leaves that mansion of his."
     "Mansion?" I asked.
     "Why yes. Mr. Kolbe has got one of the largest estates in the countryside."
     "I thought he was poor," I muttered.
     "Ha, no surrey. It isn't a blessing from the rumors that have been spread about his house, yikes! They send shivers down my back."
     "Why?" Annie asked. The old man shook his head.
     "I think I've told you two young-ins enough. After all, I don't want to give you nightmares."
     "Oh, please sir! We may be there a long time and need to know, please tell us," I begged.
     "Okay, I see you really want to know. So I'll tell you."

     The train conductor called out,
     "All aboard!" The train whistled and slowly started. It was loud and the smoke from the train blew in my face. Then the train pulled out and I saw it no more. I turned to the old man and he began his story.

*Please forgive typos/miss-spelling, I was in a hurry!*

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Beach

We made it home!
And here are the pictures from the beach... or mine!

Lily absolutely LOVED the beach and sand.  

Aaron got some GIANT sunglasses.

Anna Grace and Ally playing in the sand.

Lily really did enjoy it, however her face seems to say differently.

TOMORROW: The first part of, The Mystery of Kolbe Mansion!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm worn out.
Tired, and ready for home.
Though, as I realize when I get home, rest is not what I'll get.
I have so much ballet and my band concert the 24th.
I think I'm begining to get overwhelmed.
I'm homeward bound tomorrow.
As much as I hate leaving.
I'm looking forward to being in my room and my bed.

We made it to the beach. And I manage to make out with super horrible sunburn.
Definitally the worst I've ever had.
I'm going to post pictures when I get home.

For now I think I'll take a nap!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yes, It is raining here.
It was cloudy this morning, so we still went swimming.
But by 3 it was dropping buckets.
However, we still found things to do.

What I call a, "Tropical Escape."

Lily looking quite worried.
Not sure why!

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll be heading to the beach!!!
Pictures to come.... Hopefully!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Here!

Yes, we arrived.
I'm here, and workin' on my tan!
Hopefully be posting tomorrow!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Off!

Here I am. About to leave.
13 hour drive ahead of me.
It ain't anything new, done it before.

I won't be able to start the story until I get back, next Monday.
Cause I have on partially written here.
But don't worry I'm gonna do my best to post in Florida!!

See ya tomorrow! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


In the past I have written A LOT of short stories. (Most uncompleted)
So, I decided, why not write for you guys? 
I've created a poll for you to vote on which type of story you like to read more.
The poll closes Tue. but try to get your answers in by Monday.
I'm planning to start writing in FLORIDA!! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Quite frankly, Lily is the best sister EVER!
She pretty much does whatever I tell her.
And she loves coming in my room, to listen to my music, and take pictures with my camera.
She also likes to wreck my room so it looks like a tornado hit it!
But how can you tell that adorable face "No" ?

Oh ya! Did I tell you she imitates my every move?
Ya, it get's kinda old.

And copies every pose.

But hey, you gotta admit. She does a good job.

Like I said the BEST sista, EVER.

And that's all there is to say.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day in my School Life!

For the past however months, this is what my life is.
School, Ballet, and Band.
Over, and over, and over again!
Every day, at my desk.
But with only a couple more weeks of school, and Florida next week!
I think I can make it through.

So here is my school morning! (Well a fraction of it)

And me. (I don't look my best in the morning!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Medieval Times

This place, is absolutely crazy cool! 
The building is a castle if that tells you anything.
I wish I had taken a picture of the outside.

It felt like you were in a real castle.

And the arena was HUGE!

And our forks were our hands!
(I was actually very upset by this, I hate having dirty hands.)

The King.

Princess Catalina

And the knights.


More fighting.


I'll be posting more tomorrow!