Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Just Another Face...

     1 year ago I sat here. A day like any other, yet nothing like any day before. A day that will live in my memory forever. 1 year ago, I saw the face of my angel. A precious boy who was alone, and hurting. A boy who need the love of a Mama, a Baba, and Jia Ting (family). I had no idea the journey that face would take me on, nor the joy that face would bring me.  

Did I realize that face would be forever etched in my mind.
Did I realize his laugh would forever echo in my ears.
Did I realize his name would be forever in my head.
Did I realize he would never leave my thoughts? 
Did I realize he would kiss my cheeks?
Did I realize that he would call me Jie Jie?

He was just another face. 
Another orphan, another boy, another child.
At that time.

Today I look back and realize I had no idea.
No idea that the face I was watching was the face of my brother.
That boy was my Di Di. 
The more I saw him the more I wanted him.
He was precious, adorable, and sweet.

I believed his name would be Levi. I wanted his face to belong to that name. Joined in Harmony was the meaning. As time went on and the name was rejected, I realized that was not his name. I honestly believe one day I will have a son named Levi, and he will be missing his arm(s).

**When I first saw Joshua it was in a video, not a picture. To see the video I watched a year ago, click here. (Password jake1)**

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