Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Is In The Air!!

Got the Christmas Spirit yet?
Kinda hard not to. All the Christmas songs, advertisements, and decorations!
Last night we got the tree out and decorated it!

 Aaron's last day before leaving for Boot Camp!


My Ballerina Ornament 

Joshua's first year decorating the tree!

Our gorgeous tree!

I used this tutorial to capture the tree!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Operation Christmas Child: The Processing Center

Last year my Mom and I were able to go with our Church on and OCC Processing Trip.
We had such a fantastic time!
So this year I went again, this time with my Dad.
If you ever get a chance to go and work at a Processing center, DO IT!

In the van! (Ronni behind me)
We worked a 9 hour shift and were totally dead by the end.

Station 7 (Our station)
There are many jobs to fill.
1. Inspector 1: Basically you're taking money and donation out of the boxes. All the money goes to shipping.

2. Inspector 2: A very thorough inspection. Taking out inappropriate items, (Liquids, Chocolate, Food, Knives, War toys, ect.)

3. Taper: Taping the boxes shut with cool tape. (My favorite job)

4. Cartonizer: You have to get the boxes into bigger boxes. You have to fit at least 14 boxes in each carton, no less.

5. Scanner: For those super cool EZ Track tags, that let you follow your box, have to be scanned.
First the specific box, then the carton it's placed in.

   5. Heavy Lifter: When the cartons are full you tape up the carton and send it down the line.

Dad, the Heavy Lifter.

My Station!
 I was a taper, for the first hour. You have to trade jobs because taping makes your hand SO sore.

I did every job, my favorite was being Scanner. Then Taper, and Inspector 1.

Photo courtesy of Dad. 

Dad, taping up a box.

It was a long, fun, tiring Friday, but it was good. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

This picture made my heart break so.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

National Adoption/Orphan Month

Most of you probably know that is is National Adoption Month.
And I am sure most of you have posted about it already.

I'm not entirely sure what to write.
I could give a speech on how everyone should adopt, and there are million of orphans in the world.
But I won't.
Because God calls you to adopt, not Emma.

So instead I'll share how adoption has impacted me. 

I believe adoption is a gift and blessing.
A wonderful privileged God bestows upon some of us.

I love all orphans. But I, myself, feel called specifically to the orphans in China. 
This summer, my dream is to go to a place called New Hope Foundation.
For the entire summer!
Both Luke and Joshua, lived there a good deal of their lives.

In the hour that I spent there I was SO impacted.
It is a wonder Christian environment where the kids are taken great care of.

I so love these kids.
I am sure most of you do too!

*All picture were from Pinterest, you can find them on my Passion Board *

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Goodnight Moon"

Quite frankly, this kid is amazing.
She's heard the story twice and already has it memorized!
Did you know that the lack of her one leg adds to smartness!
Oh yeah! We've got a genius!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday- "Sweet Little Boy"

Goodness he is so stinkin' cute!
Those cheeks, those eyes, that thick black hair.
At the Window (With Drop shadow)
Plus, he is so sweet!
Gotta love him!
the long road

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick Update

Hey Guys!
I just wanted to let you guys know that Joshua is doing MUCH better.
He returned to Shriner's Friday to get his cast changed and they found a sore on his big toe.
Needless to say it was causing him quite the amount of pain.
But he's get new orange cast and doing tremendously better!
To see pictures of Joshua's Shiner's appointment read my Mom's post.
Thanks for the prayers!
I could feel them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Won't Sugar Coat It...

Today was awful (in my opinion).
Last night my parents nor Josh got sleep.
So again we had a very tired boy.

He also wasn't eating very much today.
A little yogurt, some goldfish, grapes, and chicken nuggets.
He played for awhile this morning, scooting around on his bum.
But the whining.
Oh that whining.
I'm sorry for him, and I know he hurts, but I drives me crazy!

Thankfully, I can remove myself.
But my poor mother, she can't just go hide in her room! :)

Please, please, please!
Pray for him.
That the soreness will ease, and he'll eat, and sleep.
He only took a 20 minute nap.

If you want to see pictures and hear about his appointment, you read my Mom's post.

Monday, November 5, 2012

He's Home!

Yay! Josh, Mom, and Dad are home!
Safe and sound!

Pray he gets a good nights rest,
and his legs won't be too painful!

More tomorrow!

Prayer Request

Hey Guys, for those of you who thought I died.
I'm alive.
I've been busy with all the blog designing!

Anyway, right now Joshua is in Philadelphia at Shriner's Hospital.
We just got a text from my Mom saying that they were thrilled with his abilities!
Right now they want to concentrate on the lower half of his body.
So they are casting his legs.

Would you please pray for Joshua?
He is tried from appointments all day, and sleeping in an unfamiliar hotel last night.
No doubt he will have some sour (and sweet) feeling about the casts!
Pray that he will cooperate, and listen!

I'll post when he gets home!