Monday, September 8, 2014

China- My Experience at Maria's {Part 3}

This third part of my China trip will be answer your questions!!
(Thank-you to those who asked!)

Will the Show Hope website have any photos of your trip?
Currently they do not have any pictures that were taken during my trip. But there may be some in the future. However, they do post pictures and speak of many of the children I met while I was there.

Did you get close to any children in particular?
Yes! Maria Claire, Vincent, Garrick, Angel, and Annalise were some of the kiddos I spent a lot of time with. You can search their names on the Show Hope website to see some pictures.

Would you recommend this trip to teenagers (my daughters) looking into it?
Absolutely! It is a once-in-a-lifetime life-changing experience. If you are interested in mission and/or orphan care this is an amazing trip.

How many days would you recommend to recover from jet lag when you get home? 
I'd say about a week. But it may take longer to get completely adjusted back. I was really blessed when I came back this time because I had zero jet lag! Yayyy!

Did you take your DSLR?
I did not. I took a small point and shoot camera. It was just more practical and easier for this trip. But two other girls on the trip did bring their DSLR. I just didn't want to risk anything happening to mine.

What sightseeing did y'all do?
We visited the Great Wall and Tienanmen Square. We also walked around the part of Bejing we were in. And we saw Old City in Luoyang.
If Maria's isn't an orphanage, what is it? So kids don't live there?Maria's is a "Special Care Unit." (Like a small hospital) Children who have critical special needs "live" at Maria's during their care. But once they are considered stable, they return to their orphanage. Sometimes even before they are better.

Are the workers Chinese or American?
All the nannies are Chinese, and all but one of the nurses are Chinese. The doctor is an American as well as the preschool teacher. One of the overseers at Maria's is also an American. So it's a mixture.

Is your family adopting again?
Haha! I was wondering when this question would turn up. For that answer you can visit my wonderful mother's blog:

If you have any more questions that come to mind just ask them in the comment box below.