Monday, March 4, 2013

Just a Trim

Because it is easier, and it saves money, my Mom gives the kiddos haircuts around here. Last night was the night for some littles to get a trim.
There is a bit of a debate on how long Joshua's hair should be. I ,personally, think he is way cuter when it is long. But a few other people think he is more dashing with it long. This time, we decided to leave his bangs as is. Yes!

Lets just say the idea of a haircut is amazing.

But when it comes to reality... sitting in chair, while Mommy is pulling your hair, is not very exciting. 

But hey, at least he made it.

A view of Joshua's "spacers". Look at those pearly whites!

So, what do you think? Bang length..
Long, short, in between?

Next up, the princess. Lily found it a bit more amusing. She was still a little itchy at some points.

Lily usually just gets her bangs trimmed. We don't really style anything else.

Oh, Lily, your many faces amuse me!

Sorry for the neglecting of my blog. :(
Laziness, I guess.

News: Joshua heads to Philly for a tendon release surgery on Wednesday. More to come.
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Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

I love the fourth picture of Joshua. :) Both Lily and Josh have some great expressions! :) My mama cuts Luke's hair as well as my daddy's, too. :) Sure saves money!

I'll be praying about Josh's surgery! :)

God bless,
Joy :)

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Oh! The second to last picture of Lily!
So funny! =D between perhaps? Like in the third picture of Joshua? I think it looks good there.


clare mckenna said...

AWWWWW:) So cute! New follower ... Check out my blog and hopefully follow back