Our Family

2014 Family Photo
Our family is composed of ten people. Biological children, adopted children, and a legal child make up our family. It all began with two people.

My parents. They have been married for eighteen years and have provided each of us children with love, care, and discipline. I couldn't ask for a more devoted mother and father!

Aaron & Tiffany. My big brother and sister-in-law. They were married on November 22, 2013. Aaron is currently in the Navy stationed in Guam. Tiffany is living with him. Aaron is five years older than me.

Anna-Grace & Ally (Far left and far right in the picture) are my younger sisters. Anna-Grace is eleven, and Ally is nine. Attached to the hip, they are constantly getting in trouble and creating schemes. 

Lily is our Chinese princess. Adopted from Guangzhou, China in 2010 with a missing leg. Lily is four years old and very shy. Although she is constantly talking at home, you probably won't get a word out of her unless she knows you really well! She is incredibly smart, she taught herself the entire alphabet and can count to 120 without a problem. 

Joshua is our Chinese prince! (see what I did there) Adopted from Zhengzhou, China, in 2012. Joshua has Arthrogryposis (a muscle disorder) and corrected club feet. He is the clown of the family and very outgoing. He loves to make people laugh and he will do just about anything to get them to. 

My family first saw Luke in Feb. of 2011.
Our family went through heavy spiritual attack when we had to decide whether or not to adopt this five-year-old boy.
  Luke had spina bifida which resulted in him being paralyzed through the waist down.
In April we accepted Luke's file.
We received our LID in September.
We spent much time waiting for our LOA.
We had hoped to have him home by Christmas.
Sadly we still didn't have him home.
On Monday December 26, 2011, Luke passed away from an unknown virus.  
Luke's light still shines with us, and we will never forget how he changed our lives!

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