Monday, July 30, 2012

Lily vs. Chopsticks/ Medical Appointment

Well we trucking towards the end of our trip here.
I must say I can't wait till Sat. night! My bed again!
I love China, but there is no place like home!
Last night we had a group dinner at a Cantonise place. (Forgot the name.)
Lily decided that chopsticks were her thing.
Group Dinner Collage
Haha! Isn't she cute?!

Today was Joshua's Medical Appointment.
Did you know the MA arn't on Shiman Island anymore??
They move 4 months ago! To a bigger cleaner and cooler building!
Medical Exam Collage 1

Joshua aparently did very well.
I sat with Lily while Mom and Dad took Joshua to the stations.
(Pictures taken by Dad)

Medical Exam Collage 2

What a trooper!
He had to get a TB test done aswell.
Medical Exam Collage 3
Don't you love the needle picture? :)
Awesome shot Dad!

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Lauren said...

I love all of the pictures! Nice needle pic ;0)