Friday, July 6, 2012

Black and White Wednesday Week #2: Winners

This weeks theme was Nature. However the winning photo isn't of Nature.
This weeks winner is:
from Happy Jax
Black and White Wednesday Winner #2

I love his silhouette! It's an AWESOME Photo!
Here is your Winner Button!

This weeks favorite goes to:
from Hangin' Out in the Sunflower Patch
Black and White Wedneday Favorite #2

Your picture is very clear and the water droplets add a nice effect!
Also thank-you to Karen, and Lauren who also participated!

I'm not sure what to do for next weeks theme. If you have any idea's let me know!


Melanie said...

Oh WOW Emma! I am SO thrilled, thank you! You made my day!

Lol... I'll get more into the theme next week, promise! I was thinking to myself as I linked it up... "Well, he's (kind of) looking at nature in the background?"

Thanks again, & congrats to Karen! GREAT pic)

Lauren said...

A future theme could be of animals...just a suggestion :)

Ruthie said...

Great photos!! How about something you love for next week theme? Any would be fun! Have a great day!

Karen said...

Lauren and Ruthie had great ideas for next week's theme... how about (in the future) buildings, books, a favorite place, chair, or shoes?? Just some ideas off the top of my head ;)

Amber said...

Thank you for choosing my photo as a favorite of the week. :) I am homeschooled, too!