Thursday, July 5, 2012

The New Mother

At 10am this morning a brand new life was recognized. 
Her name is Baby and Lily has become her NEW mother.
proud new mother
This isn't a NEW baby, it seems Lily just decided that today was the day "Baby" was "the thing".

meet the newest
It's really quite sweet.
"Hi Lily, whatcha doin'?"
"Shhhhhh!!! Baby's sleepin'"
"Oh, sorry."
"Tipey toe, Baby will cry!"

learning the goods
I also found her telling Baby what a big girl she was.

sweet lil' kisses
And kissing Baby.

I asked if I could hold Baby and she said,
"No! My Baby."

So that's where we left off!


Gracie said...

Lily is so adorable! I love all the things she said! I love the pictures too, they definitely tell you how she feels too:)

Lauren said...

Aww, that's so sweet! I love it!

Shelby said...


Melanie said...

Really doesn't get cuter than this! She is a doll!