Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Ramblings

Well today Joshua had another casting. I honestly have no clue how many times this is! Poor dude's been in them since November. :(
Anyway this time they are not full leg casts. They start after the knee.
I can't remember exactly why, something to do with stretching his foot arches. 

He got stars and stripes for his brother! 
As of Friday he is officially a U.S. Navy Sailor!
After 7 1/2 weeks of boot camp he graduates Friday. 
We will be heading to the Great Lakes area to spend the week-end with him!
Both Grandparents are coming so it will be a big family gathering!
I hope to blog while we are there! But we'll see ;)

On another note, today I guest posted on Hannah's blog. I be super duper happy if you checked it out!

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