Thursday, January 3, 2013

Belated Birthday

In the Christmas post I told you that my birthday is on Christmas Day.
Whenever someone hears that they always ask (at least) one of these questions:
"So.. do you get more presents?"
"How do you celebrate your birthday on Christmas?"
"Do you like having your birthday on Christmas?"

A few, it's complicated, sort of.

I do get a few extra presents.
We do celebrate. I get a candle on my breakfast, and they sing 'Happy Birthday'. However Christmas is a little full, so we have a belated celebration usually in January.
As for liking my birthday... it's a yes, and a no. I do like it because it is such a unique day (and special) But everyone else is getting presents on my birthday! I know I'm selfish! :)

Our belated celebration was on Tuesday! My Mom took me out to find my shoes! That I will hopefully be getting next week.

Then we went to Ulta, and had lunch a Tropical Smoothie. After that she surprised me by taking me to see the Hobbit! Which I Oh So wanted to see! (Lord of the Rings fan here!)
When we came home, Dad had made the dinner I requested.
He also made me a cookie cake.

So we celebrated! A little late, but.. whatever!


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Neat! :) Happy (late) Birthday, Emma! :) You look so pretty in all these pictures. :)

God bless you and Happy New Year! :)
Joy :)

Ruthie said...

Happy late birthday! You look stunning in these pictures!

Katy said...

Happy belated Birthday! My birthday is just three days before Christmas so I kinda know how you feel. People are always asking me about the present situation.

Amy said...

Happy late birthday! :0) Hope it was one of your greatest birthday's ever!
Hope 2013 is a year full of blessings for your family!