Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday- "Joshua"

It's been awhile since I've posted about Joshua. So this is my "update". I took this pictures outside on Tuesday. I am also not sure if I told you, his foster Mom was here.
You could see the worry on his face. Wondering if he'd be taken away. If we were giving him back. We saw the first weeks home again. The temper tantrums, the whining, the battles. They all came back.

She is visiting another family until Tuesday, then she'll be back. It could have set him back REALLY far. However he's doing VERY well. 

So sorry lil' bud, that your life is so uncertain right now. You'll learn to trust.

the long road



Ruthie said...

OH my word! How is she here?! You have to tell me more!

Michlyn said...

My entry ^

For the portrait challenge!! :)


likeschocolate said...

How sad! I hope he eventually learn you love him !

Lisa said...

He's beautiful! I'm sorry he's having a rough time. It must be confusing. Joining your blog! I love it!