Saturday, February 8, 2014

{Pinterest} What I'm Loving 2.1

What I'm Loving

I'm not sure if it's a phase i'm going through.. but i'm completely obsessed with stripes right now. Particularly black and white.

Flower Head-Wreaths 
Yes I pin things for my very distant wedding. :) When it comes to weddings i'm pretty traditional, like, just a veil, but i'm really loving the flower head-wreath thing going on!

Aren't they elegant? 

Blue Nail Polish
It's becoming my thing. Just last night, I bought two blue nail polishes. I have a thing for blue, okay?

I bought this color ^

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Sophie At Home said...

Naww, love all the trends you chose... especially the flower head-wreaths :)

Have a great day!

Sophie x