Monday, February 3, 2014

Adding Categories~ Minor Blog Update

Firstly, and most obviously... I gave the blog a little face-lift. Made it a little cleaner, a little sharper.

Secondly, for those of you who may be wondering about the title of my last blog post, that said, "Year of the Dragon". Sorry! It is not, the year of the dragon, it is the year of the horse, but I was typing away and did not notice. It has been fixed. 

Thirdly, i'm expanding the content of the blog. I will still post what I have been posting, just adding some other stuff:

I will be linking with Joy on Fridays for Faithful Fridays
I will be posting Mini Tutorials on easy blog designing. 
 I will be adding a Beauty category for Tuesdays. Tomorrow's post is entitled, "How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy."
And there are going to be some Giveaways in the future!!! So keep your eyes peeled! 
IG Drop- Every month I'll re-post my Instagrams here for those who do not have an IG.
Fashion Inspiration- I'll show you how I style clothing and pick things out.
Photography Tips- I'll teach you some of the most useful photography skills I have learned. 
Possibly a couple of Recipes, with pictures.. of course!
Maybe some Pinterest trys.. did it work?

So in a nutshell, you'll be seeing a lot of new things! I'm excited... and I hope you are.


Ruthie said...

yea yea yea!! I am so excited!!! and loveee the new blog look!


Hannah said...

sounds so much fun. can't wait to read all of your new beautiful posts! :)

Ty said...

Ahh can't wait for the blog design tips! As you can tell I need a huge blog makeover and I'm super excited to hear your expertise on blog designing.