Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Braces {F.A.Q}

Looking back on my blog I realized that I never really went into Joshua's braces.
He's had them so long I forget exactly when he got them! Anyway, I thought I'd answer a few frequently asked questions.

Does he wear them all the time? Pretty much. Every night we try to give him about 30 minutes to an hour of "free time" just to let his legs and feet air out.
Does he wear them in his bath? No, which is one reason he LOVES bath-time, because he's free from his braces! {Same with swimming, he will get them off during that time.}
So he wears them to bed too? Yes, at first bedtime was a uncomfortable, but he's totally used to them now. He also has another set of straps that are put on for bedtime only. {They aren't in the picture}
Can he walk with them on? He can run in his braces! They don't slow him down a bit. He does have to be careful on hardwood, concrete, and tile so he doesn't slip. 
Can he wear shoes over his braces? He can, it just takes a bit of extra work. I think we also bought a size up, either way, we get em' on!
Are they difficult to put on and remove? For me, the big sister, I don't put them on very often, so when I do I have trouble figuring out with braces goes on which leg. As for taking them off, it easy, I caught Lily taking them off him the other day!
Does Joshua ever try to take them off? Joshua was told the first night {very sternly by Daddy} not to touch his brace straps, and I have never seen him take them off or try. Lily, as I said above, did! {She was quickly told not too}
How long will he be in braces? Joshua will be wearing braces for a long time, all of his growing years.
How does Joshua like the braces? He really doesn't seem to mind them at all. He adjusted really quickly. He actually began walking a week after he got them!

Those are most of the usual questions. If you think of any others, comment! :)

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