Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Been Awhile + FOLLOWERS NEWS

Hopefully you guys don't hate me because I haven't posted in a month. I had no idea it was that long!
In that month a lot happened. First Joshua got his casts of and is now in braces. That's the biggest thing.
This past week Mom needed a week away. So for Mother's Day she went down to Florida for a Mom-cation. Another big thing is tomorrow she'll be coming home in a new van! 
Our van had been giving a lot of problems so we decided it was time for a new one. I'll hopefully have pictures of that later.

While Mom was away we stayed with our Grandparents who live nearby.
We just came back this morning.

Now comes the technical blog stuff. Apparently Google Friend Connect is closing. So everyone seems to be switching over to Bloglovin. So I am doing the same. I went through this afternoon and added all the blogs i'm following to Bloglovin, I had no idea how many there were! And I am asking you to continue following mine! :) 

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Thank-you SO much for being a follower! I love your guys!
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Michlyn said...

Tagged you on my blog! :)


Isabella said...

Oh by the way Google friend connect isn't gone, so I found out. I started a blog and wanted it, I found out if someone adds you to their list of blogs they follow then it will say 1 follower. Push that and above it will say do you want to add the followers gadget? Push it and you got it. Of course sometimes it won't show up for you, but you can ask someone to see if it's on. A friend of mine thought the same thing.