Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

My Wednesdays are as described.... Whatever! 
So today I am posting some really cute fashion things I've seen. I still have bazillion gift cards from Christmas so I've been "window browsing"! :)  
First are the incredibly cute shoes that are $15!!! Too bad their sold out! Go figures right?? 

Oasis flat

Oasis flat (see more ballerina shoes)

Then there is this super cute off-the-shoulder shirt at Aeropastle here!

Then these to-die-for sunglasses!

Well now you've seen some of the super cute things I wear (or want to get to wear!)


Lauren said...

Cool, I hope you get them because I think they would look really cute on you! Yes, I have quite a few gift cards left over from 2010! Good thing those ones don't ever expire! I tend to take forever to buy something. Have you ever heard of Toms? They are shoes and you can go to to see them. When you buy a pair, they donate one pair to someone in need!

Emma said...

Yes I have heard of them! I've thought about buying them... not sure if I will though!

Ruthie said...

Such cute shoes!!!!

Emma said...

I know right? I was sooo mad when they were sold out!