Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day... in a nutshell!

Well... maybe not a nutshell! :)
This morning us girls woke up to a yummy breakfast made by Daddy

Ain't the table perty?!



Lil' Miss Lily! ;P

We each got a present from Dad, or two!

Smallest person gets biggest V-Day present??

Lil' Baby :)

Magic Sippy Cups! (Used to have some too!)

Sticky Mosaics!

And of course, Chocolate

More Sticky Mosaics!

And more Chocolate!

And I got Find You Here by Kari Jobe!
It's a pretty awesome CD!
(I got some Chocolate too!)

A Book Mom got!

Lily playing with her new baby!

Our Yummy Breakfast!

We did school as usual! But didn't take too long!
Later tonight us girls had pizza!

Lily and Aaron!

I made sugar cookies for Anna-Grace, Ally, and Lily to decorate!

Lily's Cookie

LOL! Lily!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Lauren said...

Love the pictures, they are awesome! It looks like you had an awesome Valetine's Day. We didn't get valentine gifts as big as yours, but we did get new cups, and some chocolate at breakfast!
I put pictures on Sunday the 12th about things we did to prepare for Valentine's day!
(P.S I put your blog url on my dashboard "Blogs I Follow" so I believe I am a follower??)