Thursday, January 16, 2014

What does it mean to be a Dancer?

It was bound to happen.
What do you expect after my life for the past three weeks has revolved around the same thing.
Specifically Nutcracker. 
So, what makes a dancer? What's it like to be in my shoes... literally.

What does it mean to be a Dancer?

--It means working for months on a three-minute song.

--It means practicing until you know a dance even in your sleep.

--It means hours of rehearsals.

--It means working your muscles so hard that breathing hurts.

--It means falling asleep while standing up from pure exhaustion.

--It means finding random bruises on your body.

--It means your toes feel like they have been run over by an 18-wheeler.

--It means putting on ten-pounds of stage makeup on you and your friends.

--It means changing your whole wardrobe in under a minute.

--It means whispering, behind the curtain, to your friends telling them how nervous you are. 

--It means smiling despite any mess-ups or shooting pains you may have.

--It means you are overcome with pride and satisfaction after finishing a dance.

--It means your sisters (and brother) look at you like a hero after finishing a show.

--It means your parents telling you, "You're the best!", and give you a bouquet of red roses.

--and... It means needing new pointe shoes... again! (Sorry Dad!)

Arabian from the Nutcracker

Let them praise His name in the dance... {Psalm 149:3}

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Ty said...

Uhh! I so wish I had gotten into dance. At my school, there is an AWESOME program for dancers that have been doing it for some time (like you) and they go on so many awesome, somewhat long tours with the choirs (I couldn't sing for my life lol!). I believe that they have gone to China on tour, and that's why I wish I had started dance at a young enough age. :) I will try intro to dance next year which I look forward to!