Monday, November 25, 2013

A LONG break.

In case you didn't notice, I've been gone a while. Truly, I don't know how it happened. My life was just in a phase of boring. I know, lame excuse. However, I also got REALLY busy when school started. My workload went up again, so I just didn't feel like blogging when I had free time. So, Sorry! I'm going to try to better. I can't promise lots of posts. But when I do, I promise they'll be thorough. Which means, I'll need ideas, like, what do you guys want to read? Your the readers, what interests you? 

If you didn't noticed, I changed a few things! (It's my way) I have an "About Me" page which you can read by clicking the picture of me and Joshua to your right! --->
I'm also working on a "Family" page which isn't done yet, but I let you know when it is!

So be on the look out for my next real post!
Missed you guys!


Ty said...

Welcome back Emma! :)

I would love to hear about Aaron's wedding last week.


Ruthie said...

ohh yea! you're back! oxoxo

Hannah said...

YayYayYay! I was seriously missing you, girl! Welcome back :)