Saturday, November 24, 2012

Operation Christmas Child: The Processing Center

Last year my Mom and I were able to go with our Church on and OCC Processing Trip.
We had such a fantastic time!
So this year I went again, this time with my Dad.
If you ever get a chance to go and work at a Processing center, DO IT!

In the van! (Ronni behind me)
We worked a 9 hour shift and were totally dead by the end.

Station 7 (Our station)
There are many jobs to fill.
1. Inspector 1: Basically you're taking money and donation out of the boxes. All the money goes to shipping.

2. Inspector 2: A very thorough inspection. Taking out inappropriate items, (Liquids, Chocolate, Food, Knives, War toys, ect.)

3. Taper: Taping the boxes shut with cool tape. (My favorite job)

4. Cartonizer: You have to get the boxes into bigger boxes. You have to fit at least 14 boxes in each carton, no less.

5. Scanner: For those super cool EZ Track tags, that let you follow your box, have to be scanned.
First the specific box, then the carton it's placed in.

   5. Heavy Lifter: When the cartons are full you tape up the carton and send it down the line.

Dad, the Heavy Lifter.

My Station!
 I was a taper, for the first hour. You have to trade jobs because taping makes your hand SO sore.

I did every job, my favorite was being Scanner. Then Taper, and Inspector 1.

Photo courtesy of Dad. 

Dad, taping up a box.

It was a long, fun, tiring Friday, but it was good. 


Anonymous said...

You totally rock, Emma! Wow, 9 hours! :)

Hannah said...

We used to do Operation Christmas Child, but the past couple years we hadn't had time to put something together on time. :(

That looks like fun! You're awesome! :)

Rob said...

Ive done that here too! its fun! and meaningful

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Wow! :) We've done Operation Christmas Child for as long as I can remember...I'd love to do something like this! :D

God bless you,
Joy :)