Tuesday, November 20, 2012

National Adoption/Orphan Month

Most of you probably know that is is National Adoption Month.
And I am sure most of you have posted about it already.

I'm not entirely sure what to write.
I could give a speech on how everyone should adopt, and there are million of orphans in the world.
But I won't.
Because God calls you to adopt, not Emma.

So instead I'll share how adoption has impacted me. 

I believe adoption is a gift and blessing.
A wonderful privileged God bestows upon some of us.

I love all orphans. But I, myself, feel called specifically to the orphans in China. 
This summer, my dream is to go to a place called New Hope Foundation.
For the entire summer!
Both Luke and Joshua, lived there a good deal of their lives.

In the hour that I spent there I was SO impacted.
It is a wonder Christian environment where the kids are taken great care of.

I so love these kids.
I am sure most of you do too!

*All picture were from Pinterest, you can find them on my Passion Board *

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Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Beautiful post, Emma! I would love to go to a place like New Hope Foundation, too. I hope you get to go! :)

God bless you!
Joy :)