Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Mystery of Kolbe Mansion: Part IV

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Part IV: The Mystery Begins

The stairs creaked as Annie and I stepped onto them. The stairs seemed to never end, going up, up, up. Annie who was small and didn’t weigh much dashed up them without another thought, but I was much bigger and heavier what if one of the beams was to give in? I took it slowly avoiding stairs I thought were unsteady. 
            “Owen you should see it up here, it’s old and dusty and… eww spider webs!” Annie called from the top.
            “Annie wait for me!” I said making my pace a little faster. I reached the top to see a large room that was much warmer than the rest of the house. “Oh Annie it’s only a dusty old attic.”
            “Well look at all the stuff maybe we can figure out something by looking at it.” Annie said, I shrugged and began to look around. There were many trunks and a lot of pictures.
            “Hey Owen look at this pretty dress, and that grand tuxedo.” Annie exclaimed pointing to a bunch of old clothes.
            “The dresses must be Miss. Anne’s and the other’s Uncle Bill’s.” I continued to look around I saw a picture half covered by an old sheet. “Annie look it’s a picture of a woman.” I moved the sheet and it reveled a beautiful woman with an orchard in the background. The woman had long wavy brown hair, her face was pale and her lips a ruby red.
            “It’s Miss Anne,” Annie exclaimed.
            “It must be,” I said turning the painting over. “Look it has writing.”
To Mrs. Anne Kolbe of Kolbe Manor.
September 3, 1933
            “Let me see if it was painted in 1933, and its 1940….,” I thought subtracting in my head, “Seven years ago, when the man at the station said Uncle Bill and Miss Anne were married. It must have been a wedding present.” 
            “Hey look Owen old letters.” Annie said holding up a pile of letters. I went over and look at an envelope.
Mrs. Anne Kolbe
1630 Sycamore Lane
 Mayfield IW 09973

Miss Anne Layton
1630 Sycamore Lane
Mayfield IW 09973

Annie Kolbe
1630 Sycamore Lane
Mayfield IW 09973
            “There all the same, to Miss Anne.” I said wishing there was more.
            “Why don’t you read them?” Annie asked, I then opened a letter and read aloud.

Dear Annie,
I am sorry I was unable to contact you further. With rumors of war I had no time for such things. Grandfather Lee died two weeks ago and Mother asked me to write to you. How is your new home? Are you happy with William? I must visit you soon and see you again.

            “Who’s Kate I wonder.” I opened another letter addressed to Mrs. Kolbe.

Dear Mrs. Kolbe,
We regret to inform you that you father, Daniel Layton passed away early in the morning on September 3ed, 1933. A copy of his will has been enclosed.

            ‘Miss Anne’s Daddy died,” Annie said sadly,
            “September third the same day she was married.” I opened another letter.

Dearest Annie,
I have wondered how to start this letter many times. You mother passed away from the fever. The Doctor said she was too weak and never had a chance. She spoke of you before she died and said great things. Grieving with you in the time of hurt.
Aunt Cherrie

            “Poor Miss Anne she’s loosing all her loved ones!” I said. “Hey look at this piece of paper it’s… a birth certificate for,”

William Henry Kolbe Jr.
Born, August 8, 1934
Mother, Anne Grace Layton Kolbe
Father, William Henry Kolbe

            “Uncle Bill has a son who’s your age Annie!” I exclaimed.
            “Who’s up there?” A voice from below boomed.


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Wow, you are such a great writer! I agree with Lauren; I can't wait to hear the rest!!!