Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pictures with Pouty Pants

In the past, photographing Lily was difficult.
Because she was always, tired, cranky, or upset with me.
So Instead of giving you her "one-second smile", I thought I'd give ya a glimpse of her true attitude.
Pouty Pants
Behold, Lily's specialty face.
Her thoughts: It's hot, I'm hungry, and I don't like taking pictures!
She was also mad at me cause I hit with the camera. ON ACCIDENT!

It's VERY rare if she smiles.
When I ask her to, she says "cheese" and doesn't change her expression.

Looking Back
However, she does compose great shot when she's watching our neighbor drive away!

Much Awaited Smile
It's a miracle! Are those teeth I see? And does she have a nice expression on her face?

Have a GREAT Weekend Everybody!

Ni Hao Yall


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Emma! What a little doll you have! : ) I can tell she is a lot of fun, even if she is not a huge camera hog ; ) What a cutie!

Grace said...

Lily is so cute; even if she is a little cranky. Her smile is adorable, and I have to say her frown gave me a laugh!

Lauren said...

Lily's so cute, even when she's grumpy :)

Happy Sunday!

Shannon Pate said...

Wow!! You did get a little smile!! And it's a beautiful one! All great photos!