Monday, May 28, 2012

The Mystery of Kolbe Mansion: Part II

If you missed Part I you can read it here.

Part II: Uncle Bill's House

         "It all started five years ago. The Kolbe House used to be so beautiful and parties were held there. William and his wife were very wealthy and had many servants. William had married only two years before to the prettiest girl you ever saw. She had long black hair and eyes so blue it was like looking at the sea, she was small but strong and loved parties and people. William loved Anne very much, Anne was her name. As I said, they had many servants, one was my niece, Grace. Well one night after after a grand party Anne disappeared."
        "She was kidnapped?" I asked intrigued by the story.
        "Nobody knows. They say she was murdered by a secret admirer who couldn't stand to see her married to William. Of course there is no proof. But it isn't so much that, it's what happened afterwards.William was furious when Anne was found missing and went into a rage. Grace said he never returned to their room. It was never entered into again. 
       "So.. who cares if no one went back into the room." I said,
       "Well I ain't finished, keep listening. Grace needed to get a certain garment out of William and Anne's room. When she entered-"
       "Mr. Kennedy may I ask where you got such a tall tale?" A voice interpreted. The old man turned around,
       "Oh... uh... Mr. Kolbe.... I was... just helping pass the time."
       "Passing time while killing my good name, now I know where all the rumors came from."
       "Oh Mr. Kolbe-"
       "Are you my nephew?" He asked me,
       "If your Uncle Bill, then I am." I told him. He looked at me then turned to Annie.
       "Well I see my brother has very fine looking children, come follow me."
       He led Annie and I to a very expensive looking automobile. A man helped Annie and I into the back of the car, then took our trunk and put it in the rear. Uncle Bill sat in the front while Annie and I sat in the back. The man who helped us into the car, sat at the wheel and began to drive. I sat still and quiet and Annie did the same. We had never rode in an automobile, back home we walked everywhere. 
       Uncle Bill turned around and said,
       "I'm sorry I was late I had a few last things to prepare at home for the two of you."
       "That's okay, we enjoyed looking at the scenery." Uncle Bill smiled,
       "Yes, beautiful country isn't it? Well I don't even know your names!"
       "Oh, I'm Owen," I told him.
       "Owen is a fine name, and what about you little lady?" Annie slid close to me, and Uncle Bill smiled,
       "She's shy, her name is Annie." Uncle Bill's smiled wiped away, he turned around and said nothing more the whole way home. I wondered if it had anything to do with Uncle Bill's wife Anne.

       We arrived at the house within a few minutes and the old man was right, it was indeed a mansion. The house was well taken care of, and it was obvious there were a number of people working for Uncle Bill. The man who drove us opened the car door and we hopped out. Uncle Bill led us into the house and we stood in the front foyer. The floor was so shiny and clean I could see my reflection, to my left was an office; it had a desk with many filing cabinets. To the right was a parlor with red velvet carpet and glass end tables. Directly in front was a hallway and staircase. Uncle Bill led us up the stairs and pointed to a door.
        "You may sleep together in this room." He opened the door and we stood there waiting. "You may go anywhere in the house you like, except that room," he pointed to the room at the very end of the hall.
        "Why can't we go in there?" Annie asked.
        "Because," said Uncle Bill harshly, "It's private."

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Lauren said...

I didn't see any typos, you are WAY better at writing and typing then I am! I just have a few questions.
Is Owen a boy or a girl?
How many parts are there to this story?

Emma said...

Thanks Lauren! Owen is a boy. I'm not sure how many parts... a lot!

Grace said...

Yes, you do have very good writing skills. The story has a lot of suspense, which I like! I am excited for the next part of the story!