Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sophie Joy Bei Bei

Whew! Did I take a long break from blogging or what? Sorry guys!
But i'm making it up to you by posting pictures of the newest addition to our family!

Sophie Joy Bei Bei {Xinyang, Henan}
We received LOA for Sophie on October 30th!
Just so you know, we received her file on June 3rd!!! Fast right?
That would be because her adoption was (and still is being) medically expedited.
What is a medical expedite? Well it means letters from doctors are sent with Sophie paperwork saying that it is critical she is adopted as soon as possible.

So would could possibly be so medically urgent about this adorable little 3 year old?
Sophie's internal abdomen did not develop correctly. Therefore she has a colostomy to help with her fluids. She also has a minor heart defect.
Honestly I don't understand her medical condition very well, but I do know it is very complex.   

What are we waiting on next? Article 5 and Travel Approval/Consulate Appointment.
(Those are the major things)
So how long until you can get her? The soonest my parents would travel could be in 2 weeks. But it may not be for 5 weeks. It just depends on how quickly the Chinese government works on our paperwork.

Am I going with my parents? Sadly, no. This time i'm going to help hold down the fort! (haha)
With being in China just 3 months ago, I didn't have a burning desire to go. Plus, my school doesn't stop, so that would be too much to juggle. Also, with Sophie's medical condition, if an emergency arises it's easier for my parents to not have to worry about anyone but her. To be honest, i'm not too terribly disappointed. I'll get a new perspective since I've been their twice already.

Since I won't be there, I obviously can't blog the trip. So if you'd like to follow along, you can go to my Mom's blog. I'm fairly confident she'll blog as much as is possible.


Rachel said...

Keeping you all in prayer!! I can't wait to meet this precious little girl! :)

Christine Taft said...

I have enjoyed looking at your blog very much! I am very passionate about orphan care and wish our family could adopt. Anyway, I was looking at the Show Hope site and happened to find a post. Is this your Sophie? (I'm sure you've already read this, but I was just curious).

Emma Mcclelland said...

Yes! That is her @ChristineTaft