Monday, May 19, 2014

Help Support My Mission Trip!!!

Well, I have been long debating whether or not sell this stuff on here, and now I am!
I am sure you have heard me talk about missions and money, well now you can help me!

I am not one to try and get money from my blog. (I think you guys know that!) So this is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm doing it anyway.

If you're a Pinterest person, like I am, I'm sure you have seen these Bible verse canvas'. And i'm sure, if you've looked into it, they aren't cheap when they are sold on Etsy. So I made my own to sell and I think you may find the prices a little more agreeable! 

**Please remember shipping IS included in the price. I also have figured in supplies and time** 
5x7 Song of Solomon Sunflower Canvas: $18

10x10 1 Corinthians Love Canvas (Blue): $23 (2 in Stock)

 10x10 1 Corinthians Love Canvas (Green): $23

5x7 Psalm Sing Canvas: $15 

10x10 Hebrews Anchor Canvas: $20

To Buy:
Email with the canvas style you would like. Please include your full name and address. (Depending on where you live [not in the US], I may need to add to the price for shipping) The canvas' will sell on a first come first serve basis. If the canvas you wanted was sold, I may be able to paint you another!

I need to raise about $300-$400 more dollars, if I sell all of these canvas' I can make a little over $100. 
If you are not interested in a canvas but would still like to donate, please email me at the address above!

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Chloe Salts said...

These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so. stinkin. professional! I'm definitely keeping this in mind;)