Thursday, March 13, 2014

When New Doors Open

       Last year I went to Haiti, (i'm sure you know because I won't stop talking about it) this year my church is going back... but i'm not. Gasp What!? This is no more a shock to you, than it is to me. I was a different person when I came back from Haiti, it changed my life. So why am I not returning?

When my church announced the first "Haiti 2014" trip meeting I attended. I sat, I listened, and I was reminded of my time spent there a few months before. But something was missing. The "feeling". I can't explain it, but I always have this feeling when I'm supposed to do something. It was there the year before, and it was there before our China trips. Where was it now? There was no excitement, no longing, and I wasn't thinking about it... at all. I knew I wouldn't be going, I wasn't supposed to go.

        So, what now? China. I've always wanted to serve in China on a mission trip, but nothing really stuck out.. at the time. I sent a couple of interest emails to Shepherd's Field and New Hope Foundation. The door was closed immediately on SF but New Hope seemed like the answer. I applied to volunteer over the summer, but the door was shut. That's it. I told myself it just wasn't going to work. My mother, however, suggest to try Show Hope. The deadlines for Show Hope mission trip applications was last month, I told her. 
      But, I emailed the mission coordinator anyway and asked if they accepted late applications.Hours later, she emailed back. Someone dropped out of the August trip to China... yesterday. I filled out the application and sent in many papers with a check for $500. I then received a pre-trip handbook and visa paperwork. I was accepted. 

        I don't think it really sunk in that I am going to China until I put 30+ support letters in my mailbox. But trips like this do not come easy, I have to raise $2000 by April 18th, and then another $2000 by June 20th. Every time I find myself getting overwhelmed by those number (which is often) I try to remind myself of Philippians 4:6, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

       From here the door on Haiti is shutting. Its sad, but I'm ready to walk through this new door that has been so clearly opened for me. It's genuinely difficult to say good-bye to Haiti, but I pray in faith that later there will be another door back to Haiti. I miss my Neila, but I will bring her with me to whatever country I serve in.
Until next time Haiti <3

If you want to learn more about my mission trip to China with Show Hope or financially support my trip you can read my Mission Support letter. For security reasons, the letter is private, so please leave a comment or email me to let me know you'd like to read it and I will send you the link. 

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus {Philippians 4:19} 


Ty said...

Hi Emma!!

First of all, I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to see what God has planned out for your trip! I know you will be blessed and a blessing!

Okay, I feel like that was me writing that. God has been really, really tugging at my heart for China these past few years. I basically only thing about China, and I'm sure you can relate to that. :) In two week I will be leaving for a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. I know my kid will be changed, but God is still really tugging at my heart for China big time. I know He wants me on this trip, but I feel like my real calling is China! China is really where my heart is.

Like I said before, I'm so excited for you! I'll be praying!

God Bless,

Ty said...

Sorry, I'm on my phone and spellcheck is annoying. I meant my life will be changed, not my kid. :)

Chloe Salts said...

Hey! I nominated you! --->

Ruthie said...

YAYAYAY! promise to post about your time there!

Faith said...

That is AMAZING!!! God is SO good! I've always wanted to go to China and it has been my dream! I have such a heart for that country. I am so glad that God is sending you there! Wow! That's such a crazy story! I pray that God uses you tons on that trip! Also that He would continue His obviously good work in you. all for His glory<3