Friday, October 26, 2012

Looking for a New Look?

As I've been changing my blog.
I've learned a lot.
With HTML code,
photo editors,
and blog data.

So, I have a new blog:

Cool, right?

Well I need to make a portfolio. 
Which takes blogs.

So, this is where you come in!

Want a blog design?
Well you can have one free!
Until I get a strong portfolio, I won't be charging a penny!

What will it look like?
You decide!
But look around here, and over at SUYB!

There is also a quiz on the Contact Me page!

Hope to hear from you! 


Lauren said...

Cool! I'll to think about it!

RF said...

Hmm. Our blog could take some touching up. I'll discuss it with the other authors.

EMMA said...

Very cool! I will stop by your new blog, by the way I will be taking your button down since it has been over a month.


Ciara Molloy said...

I would love a new blog design! Blogger doesn't give you enough cool ones to choose from! How do I get involved?

Thanks, Ciara