Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ornaments Are On

There On! We've hung the ornaments!
And the tree is glowing!
Quite frankly I enjoy hanging ornaments cause it makes me feel like Christmas it
right around the corner.

Our lovely dog...

I made Hot Coco for everyone... yummy!

Ally hanging an ornament.

Hanging my ballerina ornament.


Lily looking adorable!
 She stood all by herself for this picture!


Lily being cute!

Mom and Dad!

Dad and Aaron

Hope y'all have put your tree and ornaments up!


Lauren said...

Yes, actually we've had all of our decor up for a while now! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

Emma (aka The Big Sis) said...

Thanks Lauren!

Lauren said...

Have you looked at my blog yet?
That's okay if you haven't.
Could you delete my comment with my address on it once your done with it? I don't really want just anyone to see it. Thanks!

Emma (aka The Big Sis) said...

Yes, I have looked at your blog, it is very nice! And I have deleted the comment you requested.

Lauren said...

Thank you. You are very nice. Thanks for the comment! There will be a new post coming soon. Are you homeschooled?? -Lauren