Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweetie Pie

That's what she is, a sweetie pie.
And the sweetest that they come.

I took some pictures of Lily after finding this beautiful fabric at a sale from a store going out of business.
He said they used it to display water items because it looks like water.... i don't know though.

I do know one thing... it made an awesome backdrop.

And Lily has definitely got model in her blood.

Shes almost two, and boy can I tell!

Though this picture may look as though she is growling, she was only saying, "Cheese".

Sunday Snapshot


KBam said...

What a perfect little model you have...she is adorable!!

The Big Sis said...

Thank-you for the comment!

Dita said...

I had to smile when I read this post...that's what I call my girl too, SWEETIE PIE. Oh, how adorable yours is...I can see she's got a healthy dose of sugar and spice herself. What a doll.
LOVE the fabric backdrop. I can totally see the water thing goin' on you could play that up...or make it very Hollywood...oh, the possibilities......
Have a great night!

Great job, Big WORKED!

Lauren said...