Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring! {Cherry Blossoms}

Has anything ever been too beautiful to explain or comprehend? Cherry Blossoms have got to be one of the most beautiful flowers. 

We have two Cherry Blossom trees in our yard and they are blooming like crazy! So as I was sitting at the computer doing school, I looked out the window and had to capture the beauty of these white blossoms against a gorgeous baby-blue sky! 

I love this picture! It is now the desktop background! :)

These are from our neighbors tree, I love how these have purple in them, where as ours are more green!

Our Cherry Blossom tree in it's craziness!

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Lauren said...

Crab apple tree buds are also pretty, they are pink! They are wonderful in the spring, but not in the summer! Those "apples" are SO annoying! We have one in our yard!